Energy – Power Plants

Rogun Dam Project, Tajikistan.

Project comparative testing of performance model of three     Francis turbine runners (Voith, Escher Wyss and Neyrpic).

Development and Finance of several hydro projects ranged from 10 to 300 MW, Turkey.

Development and Finance of 18 small hydro projects for a total capacity of 65 MW, on Caja, Grama and Veloshka Rivers, Albania. 

Cogeneration Power Plant; Dendro, Uruguay.

Small Hydro; Costa Rica.

Civil and Marine Construction in Abu-Qir thermal power station 5x220MW/66/11 kV, Egypt.


Energy - Transmission Lines and substations

Improvement of icing complications on 380 kV Transmission Lines, Turkey.

Electrification of Small Villages, Jordan.

Rehabilitation and upgrading of 7 X 400 kV Substations, Backbone of Electric System of Albania.

Replacement of Existing Ground Wires with Optical Ground Wires (OPGW) on 400 kV Transmission Lines, Ethiopia.

Emernek Arch Dam, BM Holding, Turkey.

Rehabilitation Program of the Main Barrages on the Nile River Delta, Egypt.


Energy – Wind Energy

75-90 MW Wind Energy, Hofa, Fujeij and Wadi Arabia Sites, Jordan.

Development and Finance of 5 X 15 MW Wind Energy parks, Albania. 

60 MW Wind Energy Project Zaafarana, Egypt.

45 MW Wind Energy Project, Hurgada Area, Egypt.

10 MW Wind Energy Project; Lamba, Gujarat, India.

5.4 MW Wind Energy Project; Surat, Gujarat, India.

Wind potential for the Nunavut Territory, Canada.

Wind Potential for the city of Baie-Comeau Quebec, Canada. 

Energy Conservation Program, Egypt.



Tourist Resort Project Sharm Cheikh, Egypt.

Environmental Projects, Egypt.

Float Glass Project; Lisichansk, Ukraine.

World Trade Centre Nile Cornish; Cairo, Egypt.

Phase I - Greater Cairo Regional Metro, Phase I (GCRMP), Egypt.

Caracas Metro; Caracas, Venezuela.



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